One Thing You Must Have if You Are in a Walking Boot (That Your Doctor Probably Doesn’t Even Know Exists!)


If you have been prescribed a walking boot due to a foot or ankle injury, you don’t need me to tell you how awkward and uncomfortable it can be.


But there is one thing that can make your life with a walking boot so much easier…and your doctor probably does not even know about it!


Here is my story…


Last spring I was diagnosed with severe tendinitis in my right ankle. I was ordered to wear a walking boot and undergo an hour of physical therapy three times a week.


The pain of the injury was intense, but dealing with the awkward gait and uneven hips the huge boot caused was just as bad or worse. 


I felt like my whole body was twisted, and after wearing the boot for just two days I could no longer walk normally. Every time I would try to make a step, I could not do it without my entire upper body swaying from side to side.


I began having pain in my hips and back in addition to the original ankle pain that had put me in the boot in the first place.


I asked my orthopedist and my physical therapist, but neither knew of any remedy for this terrible problem. I contacted a local medical supply store hoping they might have something that would help, but they just laughed and basically told me to deal with it.


My PT informed me that most people require several extra weeks of therapy to try to correct the gait long after the original injury has healed. Some folks even require surgery or intervention from a chiropractor because of the damage done to the back and hips from walking with the gigantic boot.


Now I don’t know about you, but I lead a busy life. I had no desire to endure this awkward gait for months or to be tied down to even more PT appointments trying to correct this issue.


After many tears and a lot of Googling, I finally found the solution to this common problem.


The Evenup Shoe Balancer!

This simple device was my life saver.


The Evenup Shoe Balancer is easily worn on your unaffected foot. It gives your normal shoe the perfect boost it needs to match the height of your walking boot. It brings both your hips to the same level so you no longer have to deal with a lopsided gait.


When I walked (very normally) into my next therapy appointment after getting my Evenup Shoe Balancer , my PT was amazed. She called all the other PTs and assistants over to check out my device. They took notes so they would be able to recommend these devices to all their patients in walking boots.


When my injury was healed up and I was able to get out of my boot, my PT said,


“That little device has saved you likely 6-8 more weeks of therapy to correct the gait issue and treat the back pain your boot would have caused. I can’t believe we had never heard of these things before!”


So now I want to make sure others know about The Evenup Shoe Balancer! Why these are not standard issue with every prescribed walking boot, I do not know. Orthopedists and physical therapists everywhere should be ordering these for their patients.


Sure, having a foot injury and wearing a walking boot is never going to be fun. But it can be made easier on you. With the Evenup Shoe Balanceron your other foot, your quality of life will definitely improve.


Important Note: I am not a medical doctor or physical therapist, so I cannot give you medical advice. The purpose of this article was simply to share my personal experience and a product that helped me deal with a very uncomfortable problem.


This article contains affiliate links. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. This has no affect whatsoever on the price you pay. Thanks!


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